In any engagement, Actium’s first order of business is to understand the needs of our clients. Our management team rapidly engages with leadership and stakeholders to understand the requirements, challenges, background, timelines and other project requirements. We then use the insights we’ve gleaned to identify the best strategic consultants for your project and, with your input, select the consultant or consulting team that best fits your needs.


At Actium, we pride ourselves on our agility. Even with very limited time between initial discussions and the start of an engagement, we can rapidly deploy qualified talent and create project momentum. Because our leadership team, and our consultants, have sat where you sit, we understand that business imperatives often demand immediate response. In addressing your needs, we provide the same caliber of talent as any large professional services firm, but with nimble reaction-time, real world operational experience and without demanding the same contractual obligations.


Actium’s consultants are experts in their fields, with both hands-on and leadership experience. Our team members possess upwards of a decade of operational experience in their respective disciplines. They bring professional writing, speaking and presentation skills to your projects, and adapt to the language, style and pace that fits your business. And, critically, they bring fresh life to organizations, infusing start-up agility and creativity into demanding environments, creating visible and immediately useful results.


We specialize in navigating change, leading strategic initiatives,
and supporting existing initiatives—all by putting
the right people in the right places.


Relevant Business Insights

Actium’s leadership and consultants have extensive experience in executive management, program management and other leadership and operational positions at Fortune 100 and leading technology companies.

Deep Functional Expertise

Experienced, fully vetted contract talent can deliver visible results for virtually any business initiative. Our people have the skills to lead teams, and to quickly plug into existing initiatives.

Engagement Flexibility

We engage to meet your needs. We successfully lead complex Statement of Work consulting initiatives to help assess, develop and launch cutting edge products and services. We also have a wealth of experience in providing operational expertise and support (i.e., strategic resourcing) for existing initiatives.


Our clients have high standards, and so do we. Our reputation is built on earning our keep—understanding and embracing our clients’ goals and pursuing them with rigor.